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Using my talents to celebrate God's creations and expressing life as I live it.

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About Me

As a self taught artist, my skills and abilities are constantly growing. I was influenced greatly by my mother who is also a very talented artist. As early as 2 years old, I was creating and learning under her direction. In school I soon found that my artwork was getting me attention that I had always wanted.

  I never considered art as a career until a job loss in 2008. I was in a bad place figurativly and literally. I was being encouraged by friends and family to persue this option. Soon after this decision I completed my first commission. The commissions never stopped even up until now. There are many ups and downs, doubts and confidence for the life of an artist. But I found that being an artist opens so many doors and opportunities. I thank God that He gave me these talents and  iIintend to use them for good. The reaction from customers when I paint their favorite pet or a loved one, is what keeps me motivated. Sometimes they will cry when I give them the final product. Nothing beats a joyous and genuine reaction even to the point of tears.

About Me

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